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North and West Wales Community

El Sueno Existe  ... 'The dream lives on!' . This site is about a festival of Latin American music which takes place in the summerin Machynlleth, Mid West Wales. It is inspired by the music and struggle for freedom of the great Chilean songwriter Victor Jara, murdered in a football stadium in a brutal massacre by the Pinochet regime. The 2009 festival was a great success with the Welsh speaking community bringing their own music and culture to the South American party.

Pete Berryman Guitarist
This image links to the home page of Pete Berryman. He is a guitarist of about the same generation as Jansch and Renbourne. His recent album The Return displays him playing in his inspirational prime. I think you need to listen to Pete's music repeatedly to "get it"!  I can only give my own subjective response to his work. He combines an immaculate composer's grasp of the structure of the piece with occasional free sounding digressions into the wild side, which return effortlessly to the theme of the piece.  His playing appears to be restrained and quiet, but there is an inner fire there which is always smouldering and occasionally flames out into the open.  I went on a photographic train expedition up and down the Cambrian line NW Wales in April 2009, and listened to Pete's album on every journey.  Immensely rewarding and inventive, in my opinion, he deserves to be heard everywhere where great guitar playing is appreciated. You can hear some of his pieces on his web site. One of my favourite guitarists, up there with Hendrix, Paco da Lucia and Robert Johnson, but very different.
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