Bermo Gardens at Dawn


  • [Latest News: The record label pages are all up and running,]
  • After problems with security and theft of equipment up the mountain, and then a washed out summer of monsoon rain, I've had to rethink and reorganise the field recording project.  I've found another Bermo mountain site for the outdoor recording studio, very beautiful, even more remote and secure from predators.  I've purchased a high quality mini-tipi which offers better protection from the elements than my previous ebay forty pound canvas tent. This enables me to extend my recording season from early Spring to late Autumn if necessary,  and I can work comfortably in quite cold conditions now with a tent heater.
  • Unfortunately the curse of Mount Bermo Timbo struck again in 2009, and after a lot of hard work setting  up my phenomenal new field recording site, I was rushed into hospital for a minor operation to remove a benign tumour from my left thigh. I had just got the first track finished (the title track A Bandage on My Need), and was deeply frustrated at having to abandon the next track, when I was to take my first faltering steps on my newly acquired piano accordion. (My loss is humanity's relief!). By the time I had struggled free of crutches, stitches and had given the operation wound a month or so to heal, the weather had broken, and it was time to give up recording up the mountain until next Spring. In the words of Lawrence Sterne (Tristram Shandy):

New Instrumental Developments 

  •  Newly acquired in the 2009 recording season are a metal strung  short scale Gold Tone Travel Banjo to provide variety to the gut strung sound of the other one. These two banjos should complement one another, and also work well with the Banjo Cittern and Banjo Mandoline on my projected Banjo and  Poetry album. 
  • There is also a newly acquired piano accordion (thanks Mick, an amazing gift!). 
  • Chris Knowles the Bermo harpist, has adjusted the tuning mechanism of my Balinese Djenbe, which can now be tuned up to the pitch of a giant darabuka for finger drumming.  I've used my new baroque chalumeau as a snake charmer style wind instrument on A Bandage on My Need.
  • The beautiful blond woman who runs the local laundrette has given me a Chinese Moon Lute, which she picked up for a quid at a car  boot sale.  It's now tuneable,  as I've set it up with violin tuners,  and  I'm looking forward to  finding a suitable track for it on the forthcoming  album of banjo instrumentals. Thanks to Marianne at Bermo Laundrette!
My other instruments are listed here: Instruments of Tortoise (instrumentation)