Coiled Sculpture

Calling all you sleeve note musos out there, here are the horrendous devices with which horny old Timbo slowly masticates your tender shell likes!


New Goldtone short scale banjo with resonator

Nylon strung banjo with Aquila gut substitute strings and resonator.

 Fylde cittern (tuned as a banjo)



                     Pilgrim 12 string. Guitar


·                     Ovation Preacher Stereo Electric Guitar  

        Ivor Mairants Flamenco Guitar

        Ozark Acoustic Resonator Bass

Moon Lute (courtesy of Barmouth laundrette)


        Electric violin of dubious ebay lineage, now set up as a fretted "viol" by Cardigan Bay luthier Chris Shaw (not too vile a job, I hope Chris!)


Mandoline Family



   Venerable Savanna banjo mandoline.

       Harmony electric acoustic mandoline.

      Troubadour octave mandola

       Fylde cittern (tuned as a banjo, also cited in the banjo section)




Vintage Yamaha DX7 synth


Wind & Free Reed

New  baroque chalumeau in C

New  Piano Accordion (an extraordinary present from Mick of Cloud Cuckoo)

  Clarkes  C Original. &  Aluminum high D whistles


 My dad’s spectral battered Hohner harmonica (It's quite a blow, but my harp playing sucks as well!)


 Corton wooden clarinet with Van Doren jazz mouthpiece (long slow notes with lugubrious vibrato)


   Zaphoon(plastic sax)



(really what I do as an instrumentalist!)


 Arabian tablas (played using a modified classical Egyptian style).


                   Small rattly darabuka

        Home-made Arabian bass davul  drum.


       Jaws harps.


       Antic Earthworks Appalachian mouth bow


      large wooden tunable Djenbe made in Java (adapted now to be tuned in future like a giant darabuka for finger drumming)


        Latin Percussion bongos (with a newly acquired heavy duty stand that places the drums at a really awkward height for playing, and they don't sound as good as they do in the box below.)


A Percussion Box which was an ancient grammar school woodwork project originally intended for a cactus garden .This was completed by the outraged woodwork teacher, because I could not finish a piece of woodwork to save my life, without it falling to pieces. I usually play the bongos in this box as they sound great, and I'll continue to do so, as the new stand is cr*p!
                                                                                                           'It's a poor show Davies, when one cannot construct the simple box!' [Mr Smith of Apsley Grammar school, Hemel-Hempstead UK, circa 1959)


        Remo large Buffalo drum


        LP maracas


        SlapDrumLapdrum without a snare. (I’m supposed to be strictly non-commercial, I know, but this is a unique and marvelous mini cajon. I’m praying for sterling to recover from the credit crunch, so I can afford the Chris’ snared Cajon bongos. I need them for a song called Summer in an Empty Room!)


        Skinless tambourine and Remo Rig tambourine


        Wooden bones and claves.


   Small, thin, cheap saucepans and metal vacuum flasks (played as found bell drums)


    Used Zoom digital drum machine(astonishingly good sounds from a budget machine, after earlier battles for rhythmic survival with analogue dinosaurs in the eighties)


     Yamaha DX7 synthesiser (some delightful synth percussion sounds, marimba, gongs, log drum, tympani in particular.)


      Analogue gorilla clap (a King Kong of an effect from my old analogue drum machine)


      Hand claps. (Best drums in the world, and so neglected in the West).





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