[This page is intended to be linked to networking sites, currently Facebook. It contains the prints which accompany my slightly unhinged Facebook posts. I tend to workshop pictures in progress on Facebook. Next year I may launch a site blog from here. ]

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 The Indiscrete Charm of the Chavoisie

The Indiscrete Charm of the Chavoisie





Notes on Image Downloads

  1. Right click the image! 

  2. Select Save Image As!   Save the image as a jpeg file if you want to keep and then you can view it again in Mozilla for printing as explained next, whenever you like. (You can miss stage 2 out, if you just want to print without downloading.)

  3. Select File at the top left hand of the page! 

  4. Select Print Preview. 

  5. Select Portrait or Landscape, whichever suits the print best!

  6. Adjust the Scale setting to get the size of print you want!

  7. If you want to print and frame for personal use, you get the best most long lasting prints using manufacturer's ink and photo quality paper. Use the slow printing  setting which gives the best quality print for your paper!

  8. The online prints are often bright, saturated and contrasty to give you good punchy prints from standard printers. You can adjust the prints to your taste, if you have the software on your printer or elswhere. Use standard paper to experiment to get it right, and then the expensive photo paper for the final print.

  9. When I frame for friends, I usually use a precut window mount. This looks great but can make framing a bit fiddly. You may need a guillotine to do this more easily. 

  10. Please write 'CC MOUNT BERMO TIMBO' on the back of the frame as a courtesy to honour the Creative Commons Licence!

Note I use a second hand Epson off ebay for my prints. It cost me 20 pounds and produces excellent prints at best quality settings. I use second hand Epson branded ink for it off ebay, which massively reduces printing costs. (People sell it when they change printer and have spare ink left over).

Notes on Music Downloads:

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